Typical of hundreds of subsidised One-Teacher Schools built throughout rural districts was Yarramanbully School, constructed during the early 1900s in the small farming community of Yarramanbully, east of Manilla town.

Originally built on the Gallagher family farm on the outskirts of Manilla District, the second Yarramanbully School building was donated to the Manilla Community for the town's centenary of Public Education in 1977. Manilla Historical Society volunteers transported the building to the museum complex and restored the building, which was left intact with all its contents on the Gallagher property at the close of classes in 1953. 

History of Yarramanbully School
Education Fact Sheet - Manilla Museum
2nd Yarramanbully School 1935-1953
Hession placemat & double-pocket bag made by pupil John Gallagher in 1939



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