In 1928, outdoor picture shows, along with travelling lantern slide and film screenings had been popular entertainment in country towns for close on 2 decades. Manilla people were quite accustomed to the phenomenon of the moving picture by the time the Palais Picture Theatre was constructed by Mr. R .Easterman as a prospective venture for the contractor, Mr. Williams. The theatre was leased to the Sydney-based Palais Theatre Co., which employed Mr. O. Lindsay in the role of Manager.

The Palais Theatre Manilla 1933

At the time - late 1920s - Manilla was desperate for a long-awaited water scheme, first discussed in 1912. The addition of a theatre to the townscape signalled prosperity, a likely increase in revenue for Council, and subsequently, an increase in its borrowing power. The building of the Palais was seen as a progressive move in tough times, a boost to morale and a renewal of faith in community cooperation.

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The Palais was the site of much enjoyment for several generations of local people and remnants of "Bill's Bughouse" as it was affectionately known - glass advertising slides, film reels, ticket rolls and 'Pass Out' cards, are now held in the Manilla Community Collection at Manilla Heritage Museum.

1928 Opening of the Palais Manilla

Opening of The Palais Theatre1928

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

"I Remember" - 'The Palais' - Mr. D. Ridgewell

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The Palais building was acquired by Manilla Shire Council during the latter years of the 20th century. It underwent structural alteration to accommodate a gymnasium and was eventually demolished in 1999.

Palais Demolition 1999