Manilla people were quite accustomed to the phenomenon of the moving picture by the time the Palais Picture Theatre was built for the Sydney based Palais Theatre company in 1928. Outdoor picture theatres, and travelling lantern slide and film shows had been the norm for close on 2 decades.

The Palais Theatre Manilla 1933

From the time of its grand opening in October 1928, operation of Manilla's Palais Theatre from distant Sydney was to become a trial for its owners and they would be drawn into a financial dispute which went to court in Sydney in 1929, around the sale of supposedly worthless shares .

The Palais was the site of much enjoyment for several generations of Manilla people. The building was acquired by Manilla Shire Council during the latter years of the 20th century. It underwent structural alteration to accommodate a gymnasium and was demolished 1999.

Remnants of "Bill's Bughouse" as it was affectionately known - glass advertising slides, film reels, ticket rolls and 'Pass Out' cards, are now held in the Manilla Community Collection at Manilla Heritage Museum.



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