For 24 years from 1854 to 1878, first storekeeper George Veness served as acting Postmaster from his premises in Market Street. In 1878 Edward Done was employed to operate the newly arrived Telegraph and was also made official Postmaster. The mail was carried on horseback until 1872, when a contract was let to Wilkinson and Bowden to carry mail by coach twice weekly between Tamworth and Warialda via Manilla, until the last coach run in 1906. 

Post Office business was carried out in timber premises on the eastern side of Manilla Street for 11 years to 1878. Tenders were called in 1888 for a post and telegraph office to be built and offered for 3 year lease to the General Post Office Department (G.P.O.) A brick Post Office was built by T.J. Bowen on the western corner of Manilla & Strafford streets in 1889, Mr Burgess becoming the first Post-master in the new premises. This permanent building underwent modifications in 1898 and 1908, with loud calls for a new building to replace the old in the early 1920s. 

In 1885 a Post Office was established at Upper Manilla, following a petition being lodged 2 years prior with the Postmaster-General,  requesting that Mary Anne Nixon be put in charge.

1872 Manilla Postal Listing

Greville's Post Office Directory

Upper Manilla Post Office c. 1951



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