The MANILLA EXPRESS, founded by Arthur Vincent of the The Vincent family of printers, began publication in January 1899, in premises opposite the Manilla Court House on the south-eastern corner of Manilla & Court streets - one of several early locations. The newspaper moved to 2 storey premises on the western side of Manilla Street during the ensuing years, before a second newspaper, 'The Field', was established there in 1911. That building was destroyed in a fire thought for some years to have ruined the Manilla Express. However, all published copies of the Express remained intact at the then - and current site of the establishment on the eastern side of the street, before being transferred in recent years to the Manilla Community Archives. The Manilla Express continues on to this day, as an independent local publication. 

Arthur, Cleave and Cecil Vincent
Manilla Express 1st Edition Front Page1899

Vol.1  Number 1  Page 1  January 14 1899


Printer John Hammill came to Manilla in January 1911 and founded the Manilla Field, which he ran until 1919 when fire destroyed many shops on the western side of Manilla street at the southern end of town. As a result, copies of the Field are extremely rare. There are none existing in the Manilla Community Archives, except for a brief Wartime Extra edition, put out in August 1914 and a 2 page digital copy reproduced here.

Manilla Field founder John Hammill, was involved in the newspaper industry for 45 years prior to his death at the age of 59 in 1926. Over the years, he had interests in  the "Broken Hill Times," "Marrickville Review," "Eagle Printing Co.," "Corowa Chronicle," "Albury Banner," "Coolamon and Ganmain Farmers Review," and the "Cowra Guardian".
[Manilla Express Dec. 7, 1926]



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