The NAMOI River Bridge

When bridge contractor G.H. Royce arrived in Manilla in 1884, six cylinders had already arrived at the site. When construction began, it was at the end of a long process of agitation for a safe crossing of not only the Namoi at Manilla, but all major river crossings northward, in a major effort to open the entire transportation route to the Queensland border. The 1880s was a time of hectic building and tenders for iron bridges were being awarded throughout New South Wales. In 1882 tenders were called in England for the shipment of iron and pre-planned bridges and in Australia for designers and construction companies to put them  together. Royce and company, along with many others tendered for construction contracts between  the late 1870s and 1900 and dozens of bridges were completed throughout New South Wales. 

Manilla BridgeFromTheNorthernBank 1886.p

Manilla Bridge upon completion, from the northern bank 1886

Royce's House [now Manilla Museum]


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