CRICKET part 2

Cricket was very popular with ladies in the Manilla district in the early years of the twentieth century. There were several teams in outlying districts such as Halls Creek and Wongo Creek. The Manilla & Halls Creek combined Ladies Cricket team sat for this group photo with their chaperones and companions, before leaving on the train for competition matches in Sydney in 1914. The young men pictured here were to go off to to the 1st World War very soon after. All but a few were killed in action.

A. Saint, L. Skewes, L. Burgess, I. O'Toole, A. McDonald, E. Rodd, D. McDonald, Bertha McDonald, I. Roberts, M. Gardner, A. Baker, M. Reeves, M. Boland, and J. Hardcastle.
Mrs. Mahon (Competition Organiser) and Mrs. Doolan acted as chaperones.

Manilla & Halls Creek Combined Ladies Cricket Team 1914. Photo: William Sly
We can name 15 of the 16 players in this Ladies team. We don't know the order, but a closer look may provide a key...  

Bexley Ladies Club won the match played at Manly Oval 230 to 55. Manilla 159 to 90 won a match played on Sydney Cricket Ground against a representative team from Parliament. In that match Iris O'Toole made 40, Mildred Boland 29 and Alice McDonald 28. The final match, against Bexley Ladies "led by Sid Gregory's sister" at Waverley Oval, was won by Bexley 83 to 82 runs...a real nail-biter.



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