Manilla's First Cricket Team. 

This photo was taken in 1873 by a travelling photographer named Millington. He established himself in his tent close to the cricket ground, which was situated at North Manilla, adjacent to the then Australian Arms Hotel, up from the northern bank of the Namoi river. The club practised on the oval regularly and played matches with neighbouring clubs. 

Standing: left to right; William Hill (capt.), William Smith, P. McGauley, J. McGauley (two brothers who erected Manilla’s first church, the Union Church at North Manilla) and David Hartley.  
Sitting: A. Matherson, P. Quinn, C. Donohue,  John Byrnes. Reclining: G. Best and J. Barratt.
The Manilla Eleven in 1873, North Manilla Cricket Ground. 



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