We are fortunate, as 21st century historians, to have many more avenues of research available to us today than were ever available to our predecessors and our purpose is to research the topics already covered, further afield from our immediate resources, to evaluate past entries against other histories and to update the record.
It is our aim to broaden the existing history, to look at our past in view of the bigger picture of events and factors which influenced the making of this and other communities down the years. Public input to the task is most welcome.
Please get in touch via our contact form below, if you would like to help in this research, or advise of any anomalies in this online edition.

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Public input to the telling of our history is always welcome. Anyone with knowledge of community or commercial life in Manilla & District, New South Wales in days gone by, is invited to join in the research and recording of our shared heritage.



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