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We acknowledge Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as traditional custodians of the continent of Australia and its Islands. and therefore, the Gamilaraay people as traditional custodians of country on which our home town of Manilla stands.
This Web History is being put together by a couple of independent local history buffs. It doesn’t promise to be a full and comprehensive academic history, but rather a simple telling of collected stories, of events and people influential in shaping a typical Australian rural community, during its first one hundred years or so. The text is based upon published histories, newspaper items and government notices; it's illustrated with relevant images and draws upon knowledge collected over many years of the author's access to the town's vast Community Archives.
Office of the MANILLA EXPRESS 1907
Based on these resources, this record aims to be a truthful history, dependent however, upon the accuracy of previously published articles. You can expect there'll be subjects not yet covered. All this takes time. So your understanding is appreciated. Please get in touch if you have some local history to contribute, or perhaps a relevant story to tell - web savvy helpers are most welcome to become involved in the site build process.

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Content: Visitors should be advised that historical texts and articles appearing here or at redirected links may contain language and views reflecting attitudes of the period in which an item was written. Such attitudes may be considered inappropriate or offensive today, however, if relevant, we may include them where necessary for context.
Currency:  Our pages are subject to ongoing research and review. Duplicate outdated texts may exist elsewhere on the internet, so please check here  for current editions.

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